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Eliquis Apixaban LawsuitsPlaintiffs filing Eliquis (Apixaban) lawsuits claim that manufacturers Bristol-Mylers Squibb and Pfizer of the anti-coagulant (blood thinner) concealed knowledge of defects and negligently and fraudulently misrepresented the drug’s safety and risks to the public.

When the FDA approved its use in 2012 the drug was said to offer a safer alternative to Coumadin (warfarin). Since then several issues of concerns have come to light: 1) There is no known antidote to Eliquis, meaning that excess bleeding and other complications can arise from emergency surgery and other incidents; 2) Errors in a clinical trial conducted in China and an alleged coverup may have skewed results. Eliquis was in fact taken off the market for 9 months after its initial approval. The FDA has subsequently found that the results were not significantly affected.

Multidistrict Litigation in Eliquis (Apixaban) Lawsuits

As of August 2017 there are 5 cases pending under Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) (IN RE: Eliquis (Apixaban) Products Liability Litigation MDL -2754) in federal court in the Souther District of New York. A total of 73 Eliquis cases were combined for the purpose of MDL in February 2017 to simplify and consolidate the litigation process.

Cases from around the country may be combined in a single court and judge in multidistrict litigation in order to combine and simplify pretrial discovery. If the cases are not settled or dismissed the presiding judge and parties involved may choose one or more representatives case to litigate. These “bellwether” cases offer guidance to other plaintiffs about if and how to continue. The remaining cases will then be returned to their home jurisdictions for litigation. Those bellwether cases may be litigated in 2017.

Eliquis (Apixaban) Uses

Eliquis (Apixaban) is manufactured by Bristol-Myers Squibb as an anti-coagulant in the United States. The FDA approved its use in 2012. It has several listed and approved uses:

How Eliquis (Apixaban)Works

Eliquis (Apixaban) is an anticoagulant for the treatment of venous thromboembolic events. It is taken by mouth. It is a direct factor Xa inhibitor. Factor Xa is a blood clotting protein.

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