We live in a world where almost every single person will use a medication or medical device. Nearly 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, according to the Mayo Clinic. The same study says that more than half of us take two.

New medications and medical devices are rapidly flooding the market. Pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers are also flooding the airwaves with feel-good advertisements touting the benefits of those drugs and devices. Many are life-savers, and many are deadly. Some are both.

With so much information floating around, how can you tell the difference?

Drug411 is here to help you get the facts about dangerous drugs and medical devices. If this website doesn’t answer your questions, email us or call us toll-free at 800-DRUG-411 (800-378-4411) and we will try to find the answers to your questions.

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Opioid Drug Lawsuits Continue To Target Manufacturers

Opioid Drug Lawsuits Continue to Target Manufacturers

South Carolina and the cities of Birmingham, Alabama and Cincinnati, Ohio have become the latest state and cities to file…

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Talcum Powder Litigation Continues Nationwide

Talcum Powder Litigation Continues Nationwide

Talcum powder litigation continues nationwide as manufacturer Johnson & Johnson vows to continue fighting each claim. The tough stance comes…

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FDA Updates Warning On Intragastric Balloons After 5 Deaths

FDA Updates Warning on Intragastric Balloons After 5 Deaths

The FDA last week issued an updated warning letter on intragastric balloons to alert health care providers to 5 deaths that…

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